Our engagements 

   We are committed to offering our customers personalized solutions whatever the size of their project. 

This is why we developed an industrial “tailor-made” approach.

  • A “tailor-made” study from the commercial phase with optimization proposals 
  • Multidisciplinary project team dedicated to the project 
  • Design standards guaranteeing reinforced quality 
  • 2D and 3D conception 
  • Development of studies on digital models 
  • Physical models to confirm the choices 
  • Testing Lab 
  • Consistent technical support from our installation department 
  • Highly qualified teams (machining, sheet metal work, manufacturing, installation) 

Aluminum facades 

Specializing in building envelopes for over 90 years, our expertise extends to the design, manufacturing, and installation of aluminium facades: 

  • 2 Goyer product ranges for frames (GC3A) and panel blocks (GMRBP), which can be customized to satisfy architectural designs, 
  • More than 80 engineers, designers, and project managers to design profiles (geometry, assembly, performance), to size glass (composition, characteristics), and to optimize performance, 
  • State-of-the-art CNC equipment and machines 
  • 3 workshops organized into production cells, with up to 18 production lines, 
  • A dedicated project team from contract signing to delivery, 
  • A customer service team to follow the building throughout its lifespan, 
  • A subsidiary in Poland to cover Central Europe and England. 

Wood-Aluminium Composites Facades 

As part of our “Low Carbon” strategy, we have developed several wood-aluminium composite facade solutions:  

  • Wood Framed Facade (FOB in French) with aluminium frames integrated in the workshop and a peripheral joint system ensuring perfect sealing between blocks, 
  • Two wood-aluminium composite ranges (GMBOA and GMBOB) combining the best performance of the materials, 
  • To realize both Wood-Aluminium frames and Wood-Aluminium panel blocks 
  • An innovative concept (FairFaçade) to push the thermal performance and carbon footprint boundaries. 

Our facades on display at the Elysée! 

July 2023 is a key date for our teams! For the first time, we were winners of the Grande Exposition du Fabriqué en France (Great Exposition of the Made in France)! 

A true reward to showcase our eco-innovative facade concept in the gardens of the Elysee:

🌡️A carbon footprint reduced by 40% 
🌞 Thermal performances improved by 40% 
🌳 Bio-based or recycled materials to reduce reliance on exhaustible natural resources
🔄 Bio-based or recycled materials to reduce reliance on exhaustible natural resources

The secrets of our eco-innovative facade in the e-reader below: