Our values:


Exemplarity is the foundation of respect for others. Whatever the circumstances, we act ethically, with awareness, and in strict compliance with the rules.


It is seeing and expressing things with clarity while being aware of one's abilities but also of one's limits. Lucidity provides the guarantee of achievable goals and kept commitments.

Courage and Tenacity

It means committing with enthusiasm to projects, with perseverance and tenacity. It also involves demonstrating managerial courage towards one's team members.


Every employee benefit from the trust of their hierarchy, which also supports them in times of difficulty. It’s the glue of cohesion and contributes to everyone’s growth.


Each person, at their own level, represents and commits to the Group. Through empowerment, autonomy is preserved, and decision-making and initiative-taking are encouraged.


Trust requires transparency. The information provided is reliable and comprehensive. It must be communicated promptly. Everyone must take responsibility for their actions.


Onglet formation 2

The school stems from Goyer’s commitment to train, develop, and retain its employees across all aspects related to our professions. It offers a range of coherent training programs available to everyone. 

Several training modules are available: Common ground / Basic / Master / Expert. 

From onboarding to advances skills in their roles, all employees are included! 

GOYER’s onboarding 

Upon arrival, the new employee benefits from a personalized onboarding program. 

We organize a journey where they can meet the teams from each department to fully understand everyone’s roles and their place in the company. 


Here is a typical onboarding journey :

1st Day

I discover the company and visit the facilities and production factories.

1st Week

I meet my colleagues and the teams I will be working with.

1st Month:

I attend the mandatory training sessions at GOYER school.

1st Year:

I have my annual review, providing an opportunity for a personalized assessment with my manager.

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