About us

From 1931 to 2005, 3 generations succeeded one another to develop the company with the start of the aluminium activity in 1970. In 1998, GOYER industrialized and launched its very first Panel Block Facade on the market. 

Since 2005, backed by EIFFAGE group, we have perpetuated the Goyer savoir-faire and spirit allowing the company to keep its DNA and work in confidence with all construction’s actors. In 2011, Goyer get a subsidiary company in Poland: the DEFOR company (In 2020, DEFOR celebrated its 30th anniversary operating on the polish market). In 2020, the land bordering the factory was purchased, bringing the company surface to more than 100,000 m2 and making it possible to consider extensions. 


In 2024, the group Goyer it’s: 

93 years of existence
800 employees
150 of revenue in 2023

French specialist of bloc-panels and framed facades, based on our own Goyer ranges (GC3A and GMRBP) or on specific creations to satisfy architectural wants, with a complete support from conception to installation and through production in our factories. 

An industrial process that demonstrated its worth through decades, ensuring quality (we maximize ready-to-install conceptions in our factories), control of deadlines (optimized installation of pre-finished elements in our usine) and security (reduced risks on building sites). 

4000 realised projects
23000 bloc-panels/framed facades produced in 2023
300000 sm of facade in 2023

Our installations: 

  • 3 agencies: Villejuif, Lyon and Lille 
  • 3 facilities: Fougères (41), Orléans (45) and Poznan (Poland) 
  • 6 engineering offices: Agen, Lyon, Tours, Fougères, Villejuif and Poznan 
  • Near 90.000sm of production facilities 
  • 4.000 finished projects in France 

GOYER’s certifications : 

QUALIBAT License n° E-E30039, fabrication and installation of: 

  • 3522 External aluminum frames 
  • 3532 External steel frames 
  • 3723 Metallic curtain walls 

CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building):  

  • Pass VEC 

Label FaçadeAlu

Quality approach for exterior joinery and aluminum curtain wall companies, manufactured and installed. 

APAVE ISO 45001 certification n°169561/r3

Occupational health and safety management system certification 


APAVE ISO 14001 certification n° 725267/r1

Environmental management system certification 

SNFA member 

Goyer is a member of SNFA, a professional organization representing designers, manufacturers and installers specializing in exterior joinery made from aluminum profiles and removable and mobile partitions.